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Apartments for Rent in Kitchener

Kitchener OntarioKitchener has more than 18,000 apartments for rent, over three times more than either Waterloo and Cambridge. Apartments are found in over 500 buildings with less than 20 apartments, 195 buildings with more than 20 apartments, and 11 buildings with over 200 apartments-Kitchener has historically had a high-rise profile, in contrast to Waterloo and Cambridge. Average vacancies 3.4%, low for Ontario but higher than Waterloo and strong enough that turnover should free up choice for renters.

Rents are lower than in Waterloo, with 1 bedroom apartments starting in the low $600s and 2 bedroom apartments starting in the $700s, both rising well over $1,000 for newer and larger rental apartments. Three bedroom apartments are in good supply in mid- and high-rise buildings and rents start in the $900s and rise upwards. The rent spread is large in Kitchener and renters can choose between cheap functional rental housing and luxury rentals.

Grocery stores are found in major suburban shopping areas such as Highland Road West and Fisher Hallman Road (west end), Victoria Street North (which leads eastward to Guelph), Ottawa Street North (in the east end of the city), and in the south end along Weber Street East and near Fairview Park Mall on Fairway Road South. Larger rental apartment buildings are concentrated near Fairview Park Mall, near the intersection of Ottawa and River Road, and on both sides of King Street in the downtown core. Smaller rental buildings are scattered around and like Waterloo will require driving around. There are so many choices, however, that renters in Kitchener should be able to find exactly what they want, whether in the busy, walkable downtown or the sleepy car-oriented suburbs. Renters should keep in mind that Kitchener has a complex street plan, so getting around the city takes longer than in Waterloo or Cambridge, so location is important.

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Kitchener Apartments for Rent

Newport Towers

Newport Towers

2 bedroom from $1010
3 bedroom rent from $1110

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