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Where to find local fruits and Vegetables in Kitchener


Fresh fruits and vegetables make a great addition to meals. Their freshness and superb taste can elevate dishes to healthy, gourmet meals. Having a selection of stores with fresh produce and ingredients close by is beneficial and will ensure mouthwatering meals will end up on your table. With Kitchener apartments located near some of the best farmer’s markets and local produce

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suppliers, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel Property Management offers perfectly situated housing options.

St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market

One of Canada’s largest year-round farmer’s markets is only a 16-minute car ride from the apartments located at 550 Strasburg Road. St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market is renowned for its delicious food selection including Ontario’s farm-fresh produce, meat, cheese and homemade baked goodies. For those who are looking to grab a quick bite, there are an assortment of ready-to-eat regional specialties and international dishes to tantalize your taste buds. Crafts and handmade goods including furniture, clothing and home décor items are among the many things available from the market’s hundreds of vendors. The outdoor market and indoor market’s hours located at 878 Weber Street North change with the seasons and when it is in full swing it is home to an eclectic mix of growers and their high-quality produce.

Kitchener Market

Every Saturday for more than 140 years the Kitchener Market has offered a delicious selection of meats, produce, dairy products and much more. The market is open all year round and offers unparalleled quality and freshness to their loyal clientele. However, the farmer’s market is only held on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Located at 300 King St East, the market is only a 9-minute car ride away from the apartments and will provide visitors with a unique cosmopolitan experience with its surrounding restaurants and shops. Oftentimes, the market is the central spot for the festivals and events held in Kitchener. For more information on Kitchener’s events and festivals, please click here.

Martin’s Fruit Farm

While Martin’s Fruit Farm is famous for their selection of crisp and juicy apples, they offer a whole lot more. This quaint and cozy farm store is open all year round and has a large amount of other fruits and seasonal vegetables available. Asparagus, peppers and tomatoes are just some of the fresh produce you will want to pick up when you visit. The farm even offers their fresh-pressed, all-natural apple cider, apple butter and apple syrup that will take pancakes and waffles to the next level. If you are more interested in jams and spreads, there is a vast selection of old-fashioned jellies, jams and heritage preserves to choose from.  Located at 1420 Lobsinger Line, the farm is only an 18-minute car-ride away from the Kitchener apartments.

This summer keep your meals fresh and filled with local fruits and vegetables. With so many produce options and markets less than 30-minutes away from the apartments, residents will be well stocked with in-season produce. For additional information on Williams and McDaniel’s properties, please click here.


Top 3 Coffee Shops in Kitchener

Are you a caffeine fiend? Whether you’re looking for a place to set up and work for an afternoon or to grab something to sip or snack on while you catch up with friends, coffee shops are a perfect change of scenery from your apartment in Kitchener. Here are our top 3 picks for local spots to try, especially if you want to learn more about where your coffee comes from and how to make ethical kitchener coffeechoices about both tea and coffee.

Matter of Taste Coffee Bar (119 King Street West)
Situated in the vibrant urban center of Kitchener, Matter of Taste is not your average coffee bar. It is an airy place to relax while enjoying your choice of single origin, blends, or flavored coffees. Tea lovers have a long list of tastes to choose from as well. The staff here is committed to creating the best beverages possible, while educating their guests on best coffee practices.

Café Pyrus (16 Charles Street West)         

This progressive café is less than ten minutes away from Williams & McDaniel’s Kitchener apartments at Newport Towers (550 Strasburg Road). Pyrus focuses on organic fair trade coffee and tea alongside organic vegetarian and vegan fare. Bring your laptop and spend an afternoon working or studying on their free Wi-Fi network.

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters (151 Charles Street West)
For a cool place to enjoy a cup of Joe, try Balzac’s at the historic Lang Tannery. Creating superior beverages with locally sourced and organic ingredients, this coffee shop is environmentally considerate. You might even recognize their name from CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Exposed brick walls and walnut wooden tables turn this coffee shop into the perfect place to enjoy their artisanal roasts.

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