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Low-maintenance House Plants

kitchener apartments plantsRevitalize apartments by adding a little greenery into your life. Give lush and healthy houseplants a home all year round and let them keep you company as the seasons change. Whatever your skill level is when it comes to gardening, these low-maintenance houseplants are sure to survive their stay in your Kitchener apartment. To give you a good idea of which plants to invest in, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel has compiled a list of houseplants that are a breeze to take care of. 


Aloe Vera


For those looking to test the waters of gardening, Aloe Vera is the perfect plant to get your feet wet. This plant doesn’t need round-the-clock-attention, but should be placed in a warm, sunny window and watered occasionally. One of the best things about Aloe, besides its striking look, is its additional function as a natural remedy for burns and cuts. Simply crack open the leaves and apply the refreshing natural juice to the injured skin.


Jade Plant


The spoon-shaped leaves of this plant are just one of its unique attributes. Some jade plant varieties also feature a crimson tips on their leaves that contrast with its lush green shade. When it comes to the maintenance of this peculiar houseplant, it needs to be placed in an area with bright light and some direct sunlight. It is important to let it dry out a little bit between waterings and to keep it in a room with temperatures between 60 to 75 degrees. If you’re looking to purchase a jade plant, Plant Lady Inc located on 330 Trillium Drive, which is a five-minute drive, 33-minute walk or 17-minute bus ride from the Newport Towers apartments, currently sells them.


Devil’s Ivy (or Pothos)


The fast-growing sprawling stems of Devil’s Ivy will give your home a full-figured plant accent. Featuring glossy, heart-shaped leaves and some varieties that feature white or yellow patches, this plant will make the perfect addition to your apartment. Drop by Sheridan Nurseries Limited on 100 Elmsdale Drive located four minutes away by car and 23 minutes away for those who prefer to walk from the 555 Strasburg apartments.   For its basic care, individuals need to prune its trailing systems to keep it full and lush. It should also be placed somewhere in the apartment where there is low to bright light, but no direct sunlight.




Plants are a great way to add a burst of colour to your abode. The large foliage of ferns will add a delightful splash of green cheer anywhere they are placed. Ferns are extremely fuss-free plants that prefer placement in low light making them perfect for indoors. Make space for your fern in north or east-facing windows, as they emit less intense light that ferns favour or place them in steamy bathrooms that mimic the humidity of their native tropics. Sheridan Nurseries Limited or Lee Saunders Flowers located at 720 Westmount Road East #11, a four-minute drive and 20-minute walk from the apartments, carry a wide selection of plants that includes ferns. To keep these plants looking and feeling their best, it is important to keep a consistent watering schedule. However, remember that ferns like their soil moist and not wet. If the leaves start to yellow, this is a sign that you are watering too much and should hold off on watering for a while.


With these low-maintenance plant options, you can infuse your apartment space with greenery that will stay healthy and happy with a little bit of water and some sun. Williams and McDaniel’s Kitchener apartments feature bright, spacious suites that offer an ideal rental option for both you and your collections of plants.