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Essentials for your first kitchen

kitchen care, first kitchen, kitchen essentials, , Kitchener Apartments, Apartments Kitchener, Apartments for Rent in Kitchener, Kitchener apartment rentals, Apartments in Kitchener, Apartment rentals in Kitchener, Kitchener Apartments for RentOnce you’ve rented your apartment the next step is outfitting it with the essential ingredients. Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in an apartment and should be stocked first. For those first-time renters or even return renters who are looking to prepare their kitchen, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some kitchen essentials and appliances you’ll want to include in your Kitchener apartment.



Whether you’re beating eggs or mixing gravy or sauces — a whisk is a tool you’ll want in your apartment’s kitchen. They are available in a wide range of sizes and come in metal, plastic or silicon variations.


Spatulas and Wooden Spoons

Make sure you get every last drop of batter or other masterpieces that you’ve created in your pots and pans by investing in a spatula. Opt for a plastic spatula to avoid scratching the protective coating of your pots and pans. For all other dishes, a metal spatula can be used. If cared for properly wooden spoons will last for a long time, which makes them an awesome tool for your kitchen. Use them to mix sauces, batters and anything else you can think of.



It is best to start out with a little handheld mixer and work your way up to a stand version as your baking increases. You can pick up either of these types of mixers at Canadian Tire, located at 1400 Ottawa Street South, which is a four-minute drive and 36-minute walk from the Newport Towers Apartments.


Mixing Bowls

Stocking up on a set of small, medium and large mixing bowls will ensure that you get everything you need without unnecessary clutter. Small bowls are great for beating a few eggs, medium bowls work best for mixing small batches of batter and large bowls are ideal for making larger recipes like cookies or bread. You can choose from ceramic, plastic, glass or metal varieties  – but ceramic or glass mixing bowls are an ideal choice.


Bread Pan

While you may think you won’t need this special pan anytime soon, it is actually more useful than you may have thought. Use bread pans to create traditional breads, bake easy and quick breads like cranberry lemon or banana and even use it to create a delicious, homemade meatloaf dinner. You can also freeze homemade ice cream in these pans if you don’t have an ice cream machine.


Baking pans and casserole dishes

Bake up some delicious treats including casseroles, biscuits and cinnamon rolls using these dishes. To keep things simple and uncluttered stick with one 9×9-inch sheet pan and a 9×13-inch sheet pan. Pick up the dishes and pans you’ll need at Home Outfitters located at 245 Strasburg Road. The apartments are a one-minute drive and 11-minute walk from the store.


Muffin Tin

Cupcakes, muffins, mini-meatloaves and lasagna cups are all things you can create with a muffin tin. You can stick with a tin of six slots or if you want to get a lot of baking done or bake more frequently opt for a tin with twelve slots instead.


Rolling pin.

You can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned wooden rolling pin. However, if you’re looking for a fancier option, a marble one is also a great choice.


Cookie sheet

While you may be tempted to opt for an inexpensive aluminium sheet, they won’t last very long. For best results, purchase a cookie sheet that features a protective coating. While it may cost a little more, it will last longer and cook things faster.


Potholders and Oven Mitts

Fend off burns with a pair of oven mitts and some potholders. Both of these are available in a variety of materials, including quilted and silicone.


Measuring spoons and cups

Measuring cups are one of the most often used kitchen tools and should be included in your Kitchener apartment’s kitchen. It is recommended that you purchase cups and spoons that have raised measurements on them versus printed versions.  This is due to the fact that print fades over time, which may leave you guessing when it comes time to measure your ingredients.


Saucepans, Stockpot and a Skillet

Keep a few saucepans on hand, a smaller one for heating canned soups or veggies and a larger one for making stews or boiling potatoes. If you’re planning on cooking larger amounts of soup, chilli, sauces or pastas, a stockpot is also worth having in close reach. Skillets are also essential for your kitchen and can be used for a variety of different things. Use a small one for frying eggs, making crepes and sautéing vegetables, use a larger one for cooking meat and making pancakes.



Warm up to some toast or delicious bagels in the morning with this essential kitchen appliance. If you’re going to be using the toaster mostly for bagels, look for one with thicker slots.



Whether you’re shredding carrots, cheese, cabbage or onions, graters will make your job 10 times easier.


Knives & Knife Sharpener

When it comes to purchasing knives, it’s best to splurge on a high-quality set versus buying cheap ones again and again. It will save you money in the long run and you’ll be more than happy with your gourmet kitchen utensils. Keeping knives sharp is important. While you may not realize it, knives are actually safer to use when they are sharp. The Newport Towers Apartments located at 550 Strasburg Road are a four-minute drive and 36-minute walk from Canada Tire, where you can pick up your own set of gourmet knives.



Drain canned fruits and vegetables or pastas in your own plastic or metal colander. If it needs to be drained this invention will save the day.


Rice Cooker & Slow Cooker

For those who cook rice a lot, this gadget will cook your rice perfectly every time and is worth the small expense. You can also use it for brown rice, quinoa and other grains. Another tool that will make for fast and easy meals is a slow cooker. These are a must-have if you have a busy schedule, as you simply put in the ingredients before you leave and when you come home you have a gourmet meal waiting for you. Winners located at 663A Erb Street West offers a large selection of household appliances including cookers and it is only a 13-minute drive from the Kitchener Apartments.



Enjoy a smoothie in the morning, make milkshakes for the kids or use your blender to chop and puree your ingredients. For less of a mess, consider buying a blender that has a spout and a seal-tight lid.


Kitchen timer

While many stoves and microwaves come with timers, it is always nice to have a separate kitchen timer on hand. This will ensure all your baked goods and dinnertime dishes come out cooked perfectly and are not burnt to a crisp.


Cutting Board

Buy one cutting board for your veggies and fruits and one for meats — you don’t want to risk  any cross-contamination. If you’re looking for boards that will last many years, investing in a good solid wood one is the way to go.


Outfit your apartment’s kitchen with all the essentials and get ready to enjoy cooking and entertaining your friends and family. Located at 550 Strasburg Road, Williams and McDaniel’s Newport Towers Apartments are an ideal rental option for those who are looking in Kitchener.