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Simple shoe storage

Increase the life of your shoes and enhance your closet space by keeping it organized and free of clutter with clever shoe storage. Residents of the Kitchener apartments can take advantage of store-bought storage solutions or can try their hand at creating some stylish DIY shoe racks that will house their shoe addiction. No matter which route you take, you’ll be able to transform your formerly cluttered closet space into an organized oasis for all your fashionable finds. To help residents keep their shoes organized, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some inventive DIY ways to keep your shoes organized until they’re back on your feet.


DIY Ladder Storage

If you have a spare or old rickety lying around, put it to use by transforming it into a shoe rack similar to the one on ‘The Nest’ blog. Display your vast collection of shoes in a tidy manner that also makes them easily accessible when you want to wear them. Simply grab the ladder, lean it against a sturdy wall and hang your favourite pairs of shoes on each of the ladder’s rungs. Brighten it up even more by storing your colourful necklaces, scarves and accessories on the top of the ladder. Drop by Swanson’s Home Hardware Building Centre located at 166 Park Street, which is a 12-minute drive from the Newport Towers Apartments, to pick up a ladder or try your luck at the local Salvation Army Thrift Store. Located at 563 Highland Road West, the store is a seven-minute drive from the Kitchen Apartments.


Hanging Flip Flop Tutorial

Keep your flip-flops and flats in order by hanging them on these DIY hangers by ‘Hey Wander.’ All you need are hangers and some pliers or wire clippers and some yarn to suspend your shoes. Say hello to organized shoes and goodbye to mountains of mismatched footwear.


PVC Pipe

Turn PVC pipe from your local hardware store into a low-cost and space-saving shoe storing solution by following the ‘MacGyverisms’ DIY tutorial. You can also use concrete forming tubes, which will be cheaper and easier to cut. When it comes time to select the PVC pipe, it is important to measure your shoes so you can ensure the diameter you choose will fit your shoes. The amount of PVC pipe you need for your shoe rack will depend on how large your shoes collection is. It is best to cut more pipe than you need, just in case you happen to go on a shopping spree in the near future. If you’re in need of a new pair of stylish shoes, drop by Winners at 63 Erb Street West, which is a 14-minute drive from the apartments, to satisfy your craving to shop. Once you’ve assembled and glued the pipe together, place the storage structure wherever it fits or wherever it is needed. Normally, PVC pipe and concrete forming pipe come in a bland white shade, so liven things up by painting and personalizing them to fit your unique style. Pick up the PVC pipes at Home Depot located at 1450 Ottawa Street South, which has a large selection of hardware supplies for purchase. The 550 Strasburg Road apartments are a six-minute drive away.


Picture Railing Storage

Spaces look better when they’re organized and this is no different when it comes to your apartment’s bedroom or closet space. Restore order without sacrificing aesthetics by choosing a stylish storage option. A great example of this is the ‘Martha Stewart’ Picture Rail Shoe Rack, which allows you to showcase your shoes as though they were art (well, they kind of are!). This option can also double as a décor item that will fill up space on your apartment’s walls. Remember to get creative and paint the railings in a shade that will match your style and your apartment’s existing décor. For all of your crafty needs and supplies, visit Craft To Go located at 159 Country Clair Street, which is a 13-minute drive from the Kitchener Apartments.


DIY Crown Molding Shoe Organizer for Heels

For less than $30, residents can create the ‘Ana White’ DIY Crown Molding Shoe Organizer. It can be placed over the door for easy access that will also make the most of your apartment’s cozy space. For full instructions on this DIY visit the ‘Home and Away With Lisa’ blog and get started on this unique craft. Pick up the crown molding, spray paint and other materials at Michaels Arts and Crafts located at 500 Fairway Road South. The Newport Towers Apartments are a five-minute drive from the store.


With minimal materials, creativity and patience you’ll be on your way to an organized closet and ready for a shopping spree reward. Located at 550 Strasburg Road, Williams and McDaniel’s Kitchener Apartments are an ideal rental option for first-time or experienced renters looking in the city.



The best shops for one-of-a-kind design pieces in Kitchener

apartments for rent in Kitchener, decorating, local hot spots, shopping, kitchener Apartments, Apartments Kitchener, Apartments for Rent in Kitchener, Kitchener apartment rentals, Apartments in Kitchener, Apartment rentals in Kitchener, Kitchener Apartments for RentFor those who are interested in furnishing their Kitchener apartment space, one-of-a-kind pieces add a unique touch and richness that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking to outfit the entire apartment or are looking for a few key accent pieces, handcrafted furnishings will enhance any space where they are incorporated. Our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some of the best one-of-a-kind design shops that Kitchener has to offer to help you select the perfect décor for your apartment.


Handmade Woodwork


Designed to withstand the test of time without sacrificing style, Shaker Furniture is well regarded for its quality, functionality and simple yet traditional feel. Each piece of furniture is uniquely designed and built to fulfill all of the requested specifications. These include choice of wood, the exact size needed and the finishing options. Only the finest hand-selected lumber is used for woodworking projects and there are a selection of hardwood options available. These include oak, walnut, maple and cherry. Having Shaker create your dream pieces of furniture will ensure they last generations without losing their beauty or functionality. The store located at 348 Meadowvale Place is a 12-minute drive from the Newport Towers Apartments.


Gibson Home Furnishings         


Whether you’re outfitting your apartment’s kitchen, dining room, living room, office or bedroom, Gibson Home Furnishings has handcrafted solid wood furniture that reflects your classic style. Gibson’s skilled employees can work with your room’s measurements and your designs to bring your creative furnishings into reality. For those who are not entirely sure what they want, the store’s experienced staff will help with details and design ideas. Located at 140 University Avenue East, this store is an 11-minute drive from the Kitchener Apartments.


One of a Kind Antique Mall


Visit the One of a Kind Antique Mall and experience Canada’s largest antique mall, which boasts three floors and over 80,000 square feet of shopping. Enjoy over 500 booths and vendors of unique, antique furniture items that are perfect for your apartment. You never know what treasures you’ll find! The antique mall located at 97 Wilson Street is a 37-minute drive from the Newport Towers Apartments and is just minutes from Highway 401.


Located at 550 Strasburg Road, Williams and McDaniel’s Kitchener Apartments provide exceptional quality and customer service to both current and prospective renters.