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Organize your storage space

Kitchener Apartments, Apartments Kitchener, Apartments for Rent in Kitchener, Kitchener apartment rentals, Apartments in Kitchener, Apartment rentals in Kitchener, Kitchener Apartments for RentApartment spaces can often be cozy so you need to get creative if you’re going to conquer the clutter that seems to accumulate. The main culprits are closets, cabinets and drawers because they can easily be filled and forgotten about. To keep clutter under control in your Kitchener apartment, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some helpful tips that will make cleaning less of a hassle and clutter a thing of the past for residents of the Newport Towers Apartments.


Bedroom Closets

Handling your closet in sections or designating tasks over days will break the process up into smaller jobs and make it feel like less of a challenge. Use clear or labelled shoeboxes to store lightweight items and trinkets. Located at 135 Gateway Park Drive, Chapters has a large selection of stylish storage options and is a 12-minute drive from the Newport Towers Apartments. Purchase a belt rack or shoe rack and use it as an easily accessible organizer for your items. While your closet might be brimming with items, ask yourself how many of them you actually wear. Consider donating or consigning pieces that you haven’t worn in awhile and are simply taking up space in your closet. Located at 120 Ottawa Street North, Value Village is a six-minute drive, 26-minute transit commute and a 42-minute walk from the Newport Towers Apartments and are always accepting donations. Make some money while you de-clutter by dropping off your used clothing at one of Kitchener’s many consignments shops. Carousel Clothing at 72 Saint Leger Street is the largest consignment shop in the area and is a 10-minute drive and 33-minute transit commute from the apartments.


Under-Sink Storage

Under-the-sink real estate is often filled with pots, pans, kitchen cleaners and extra supplies. However, storage can sometimes be tricky due to the sink’s base and invasive plumbing lines. There are a variety of products for sale that will help you bypass this problem, including Sidelines’ U-shaped basket, which will organize your supplies by curving around under-sink obstacles. Rolling drawers are another option that will make it easy to retrieve and reach items, including pots and pans, strainers and baking ware, without a struggle. Creative storage alternatives are available at Walmart at 1400 Ottawa Street South, which is a seven-minute drive, 18-minute transit commute and a 33-minute walk from the Kitchener apartments. Free up space in the cabinet by using a back-of-door storage caddy. Keep sponges, sprays and soaps in the built-in compartments and take organization further by putting cleaning supplies, toiletries and skin care products each on a designated shelf. If more than one person is using the bathroom, create labelled baskets where everyone can put their daily essentials or extra items.


Junk Drawer

The first step when it comes to tackling the junk drawer is to completely dump out its contents. Find a large, open space – floor or big table – where you can spread everything out and sort it into groups. Separate similar items into respective piles and create a new pile or miscellaneous items. Place all those tiny items (tacks, batteries and clips) in a Ziplock bag or old margarine container for storage. Emptying out the drawer will also give you the opportunity to clean it out, so that when you put items back in the drawer they won’t get dirty. Purchasing a drawer organization can help you maintain a clutter-free junk drawer. You can choose from stackable options that allow for multi-tiered organization or singular ones that give you one level of storage. HomeSense at 655 Fairway Road South has a variety of storage items that will transform your disorganized mess into organized bliss. The Kitchener apartments are a seven-minute drive, 21-minute transit commute and 41-minute walk from the store. When purchasing an organizer, consider the size and depth of drawers and the items those drawers will be holding. Make a habit of routinely checking the drawer to ensure that unnecessary items haven’t been accumulated to save you from overflowing drawers and the chaos of clutter.


Use these tips and suggestions to wave goodbye to clutter and welcome organization into your apartment space. Located at 550 Strasburg Road, Williams and McDaniel’s Newport Towers Apartments are an ideal rental option for those looking for an apartment in Kitchener-Waterloo.