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5 home workouts that will kick your butt

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Get ready to work up a sweat in your Kitchener apartment! Today’s post is packed with home workouts that are pretty much guaranteed to kick your butt, compliments of the fitness enthusiasts at your preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) combines periods of high-energy exercise with intermittent periods of rest. HIIT is an incredibly effective and quick type of workout that can be done without any equipment in your home. You can easily find many intense HIIT workouts online like this 12 minute workout.


Advanced 7-Minute Workout

Only have a few minutes to spare? The Advanced 7-Minute Workout can easily be completed inside your Newport Towers Apartment (550 Strasburg Road). Please note that this workout requires free weights. Don’t let the short duration of the workout fool you, it will kick your butt, and can be made even more challenging by increasing the weight of your dumbbells.


20-Minute Pilates Workout

Skip the expensive class this week and squeeze in a sweaty Pilates workout at home, instead. This intense 20-Minute Pilates Workout activates all areas of your body with dynamic movements that can improve your cardio well-being, your strength and your flexibility.


A Killer Arm Workout

Who doesn’t want toned arms this holiday season? You’ll want to get started today with A Killer Arm Workout, completely doable in apartments of any size. To up your game, you’ll want dumbbells for this simple but effective exercise routine.


Home Yoga Workout

Condition your body and your mind by incorporating an at-home yoga practice into your daily routine. Not for the faint of heart, yoga requires concentration, perseverance, strength and flexibility. Get started today with this class-length 40-minute Yoga for Beginners video.


Select any one of today’s featured workouts—and get ready to sweat! The blog team at Williams and McDaniel is cheering you on. For more information about spacious Kitchener apartments, please visit our website.