Eat these seasonal foods this summer


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Summer isn’t a just about enjoying the weather. It’s also about enjoying the seasonal food the summer weather brings. The growing season may be shorter in the Kitchener area, but it is plentiful. The Williams and McDaniel Property Management blog team wants to help you make the best of all the delicious summer produce available to you. Read on for tips on what to buy right now and how to serve it.



A type of fuzzless peach (not a cross between a plum and peach, as is commonly thought) the nectarine is perhaps the most perfect summer fruit. Look for firm nectarines with smooth skin and take them home to ripen in a paper bag. Once ripe, store nectarines at room temperature and eat them within a couple of days. They are best enjoyed all by themselves – you may want to eat them over the sink if they’re juicy. If you have a few left over that you need to use, try making these pork chops with nectarine salsa!



The humble tomato. You may think this fruit (disguised as a vegetable) as the main ingredient in ketchup and spaghetti sauce, but a fresh, ripe tomato (especially one you’ve grown yourself or one that you’ve purchased locally that hasn’t spent too long a on a truck) is full of flavour and nutrients. This tomato and avocado salad is refreshing, creamy and delicious and it makes the perfect accompaniment to any BBQ dish you plan to serve this summer.



It won’t feel like summer until you’ve eaten some watermelon outside on a hot day. When choosing a watermelon there are few tips you may want to take. You can try tapping them, but who’s really sure what they are supposed to sound like? If you’re buying a striped watermelon, the general rule is the darker the stripes, the sweeter the melon. You also want to look at the pale spot (where it laid on the ground when it was growing). The yellower the spot, the sweeter it should be. If you want to make watermelon even more refreshing, try drinking this watermelon-mint cooler



Seasonal summer food isn’t limited to fruit. There a lot of flavourful veggies to enjoy this season. Radishes are full of flavour, spicy and delicious. This herby black rice and radish salad with ricotta highlights and enhances all the natural flavours of this often overlooked veggie.
The summer weather brings quite a bounty. In Kitchener, it’s easy to find great local produce. One option is Bailey’s Local Foods. It’s an online farmers market. You select and place your order online and then pick it up at The First United Church (16 William Street West, Waterloo) – less than a 15 minute drive from Newport Towers (550 Strasburg Road, Kitchener). For more information on Williams and McDaniel rental properties, please visit our website.