How to stay cool in a heat wave

the heat wave is coming,business man holding a  electric fan

You can have too much of a good thing. With the summer sunshine, comes the summer heat. The blog team at Williams and McDaniel have some tips for how to stay cool in your Kitchener rental property. Read on to learn how to ride out the heat waves that roll in with summer.


Breathe yourself cool

This yogic breathing technique promises to cool you down with the power of controlled breathing. Simply stick out your tongue and curl the sides up (like a taco shell). Breathe in slowly through your mouth and curled tongue and breathe out through your nose.


Cool your sheets

Sleeping through a hot night can be unpleasant and difficult. Try this simple tip for a better night’s sleep. Fill a clean cotton sock with rice and place it in the freezer for a few hours. Before bed, place the frozen sock between your sheets. Rice holds onto cold for a long time, but if you don’t have any you can also fill and freeze a hotwater bottle.


Cool the air

Even without an air conditioning unit, you can make the air in your Kitchener apartment cooler with just a fan and a frozen water bottle. Fill and freeze a few plastic bottles of water in the freezer (you may want to add some salt so they stay frozen longer once removed from the freezer). Place the frozen water bottles in front of a fan and let the cool air blow all over you.


Make a keep-your-cool spray

Sometimes you need to cool down fast. This keep-your-cool spray provides some instant relief from the heat. All you need is a spray bottle, some peppermint oil, witch hazel and aloe vera gel. Mix them with water in a spray bottle and keep it in the fridge. When you need to cool down just shake the bottle and spray it on your face, the bottoms of your feet, or anywhere else you need to feel some cooling relief.  You can find what you need at Shoppers Drug Mart (700 Strasburg Road) just a 10 minute walk from Newport Towers (550 Strasburg Road, Kitchener.


Try these tips the next time temperatures start to rise. With just a little planning and a few simple items, you can avoid the discomfort of too much summer heat. For more information on Williams and McDaniel rental properties, including Newport Towers in Kitchener, please visit our website.