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Kitchener is the middle city in the Tri-Cities, wedged between Cambridge and Waterloo, and is the largest of the three cities. Kitchener has a population of over 210,000 people and growth has been solid at 7.5% from 2001 to 2006. The city is the administrative and cultural heart of the region with the regional government headquarters and courthouse, plus the largest library in the area and Centre for the Arts. The city has plenty of tourist draws and social and cultural activities, although the most famous is the annual Oktoberfest which celebrates Bavarian culture (including drinking culture) and includes a large parade. Household incomes are lower than in Waterloo, but strong enough to afford rents of approximately $1,400 per month.

Major employers include Sun Life Financial, Manulife Financial and a number of smaller companies. Kitchener does not enjoy a strong employment base like Waterloo and Cambridge, but all three cities are part of the same conurbation and Kitchener is helped along by its neighbours. Public transit is provided regionally, connecting with Cambridge and Waterloo. Kitchener contains two hospitals: Grand River Hospital on King Street West and St Mary's General Hospital on Queen's Boulevard. Kitchener is connected to the rest of Ontario by Highway 401, which runs east to the GTA and west to London and Detroit. Guelph is about 20 km east (along Highway 7) and Stratford 30 km west (along Highway 8).

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